TCS has made a central group

TCS has made a central group

The amount of money will probably be redeemed towards loans employees, grants and also for different purposes.

At an letter to TCS workers in Chennai, N Chandrasekaran,” Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, stated after the catastrophic flood in Chennai, a Number of the workers have suffered considerable losses.

TCS has made a central group

To greatly help them recover, reconstruct and reboot their own lives fast, TCS has opted to provide numerous relief steps to each of TCSers established in Chennai. TCS is likely to make open upto Rs 1,100 crore for interest-free cash advances at the assortment of Rs 1 lakh as well as maximum of comparable to three weeks Gross Salary.

TCS has made a central group

Advances will likely be deducted out of the week of December 14 to people that employ.
The business has 1 3 centers in the vicinity of Chennai and over 60,000 employees in those centers. Retrieval of these advances will probably begin after April 1, 20-16 to get 1-2 weeks and also a special Chennai page will be installed on TCS Ultimatix to ease this payment procedure.

TCS is putting a side Rs 50 crore

Additionally, TCS is putting a side Rs 50 crore for direct grants to deserving recipients for example employees who’ve suffered extensive damage to their own homes, ex gratia grant of 1 month’s wages upto maximum of Rs 15,000 to get TCS service and support staff who’ve been affected, reimbursement of health or hospitalisation expenses (in addition to TCS health care insurance claims) for all those employees and their loved ones that were affected directly by the flooding.


The organization said bus transport until December 31 will probably be free of charge to all workers as problems with people and private transportation Keep on in the aftermath of the flood For instant relief and rehabilitation Locally, the firm TCS has made a central group,

Which will be focusing on aid measures for its taxpayers in Chennai including supplying food relief to individuals in distress, setup of numerous RO Plants to Present new potable water from hamlets and communities in need of water, and health histories and help including supply of first aid kits at these areas, supply of school kits together with laptops and novels to kids to at These Regions

The TCS Foundation will cooperate with partners including the ta-ta Sustainability Group and also NGOs for executing such endeavors, ” he said.
“a number of our coworkers and our service team have proven the best soul and commitment in those challenging times to produce everything is very good about the corporation.

We expect these measures may help them and lots of more put back on their feet fast and place this gloomy experience supporting ussaid Chandrasekaran in their own correspondence.

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